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Ps in a Pod: the same and different has been created by artist Louise Plant. The sculptures express human energy and movement. They embody a sense of fun – moving away from static sculpture on a gallery plinth and into public spaces. Like human beings there is a sense of adventure and freedom. Whilst similar in general appearance, each P is unique in form and differs slightly to all others – just like people. Whilst the sculptures express individuality they grow in impact when grouped together. ‘Ps’ are interactive and accessible. 

Their changing colour, material, scale, shape and location changes the way viewers experience and engage with the ‘Ps’. Alone and in groups their limbs reach out across and beyond themselves and relate to location. 

The sculptures have been made from cast iron at a foundry in Halifax, having begun life as plaster models in Louise’s Devon studio. 

Louise Plant is an established sculptor who work can be found around the world. She is an elected Fellow and Council Member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors and has received numerous international awards and fellowships.  Her sculptures have been commissioned by the Ministry of Defence, RNIB, Persimmon Homes, Cunard Shipping Company and Express by Holiday Inn as well as countless private individuals. 

Louise is currently creating two new sculptures for the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in Bangkok. 


Playing with The Ps

Louise has brought some models of the larger Ps to see how they will fit into the landscapes where they will be living. Here …
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Beginning Life

The sculptures started out as plaster models in Plant’s studio in Devon. From her drawings exploring ideas about indivi…
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